Universal Phone Lanyard - Pink

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Versatile and adjustable, this crossbody lanyard can be worn in three ways and can help keep the phone secure and close at hand.

Adjustable length, can be slung.
Anti-theft properties: can keep the phone secure and accessible insight.
Metal buckle and secure tether.
Offers three ways to wear it: as a crossbody lanyard strap, as a shoulder strap, or as a normal neck strap.
Quick-release with universal grip patch.
Does not support half coverage phone cases.
Ultra-thin tear-proof pads support corded and wireless charging without being removed.
Unobstructed the buttons and screen of the phone.
Made from anti-pulling tear-proof patches and soft skin-friendly nylon.
Length: about 160cm.
Diameter: 6mm.

NOTE: Compatible with all known smartphones. For particularly small smartphones such as the iPhone 12 Mini, you will need to trim the sides of the card using scissors before installation.

What's in the box
1 x Universal Phone Lanyard