Universal instant Zipper Repair

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100% brand new and high quality
Fixes any zipper in a flash!
Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders and up to 3 missing teeth!
Snaps on in seconds and works like new!
Easy to install.
No tools required. Removable & Reusable.
Can be started in the middle of a zipper, zips forward and backwards.
No more stuck clothing, simply loosen screw to dislodge.
Works on plastic, nylon or metal zippers.
1 x 5mm zipper
1 x 7mm zipper
1 x 10mm zipper

Works on:
Clothing & Jackets
Sleeping bags
Golf duffle bags
Boat canvas tops
Purses and much more!

1. Select the Zipper size to fit the job at hand.
2. Position it centrally onto the zipper to be replaced.
3. Clip unit onto zipper teeth and snap close, then simply drag the Zipper to open/Close zipper!

What's in the box
3 Zippers in Total
1 X 5mm Zipper
1 X 7mm Zipper
1 X 10mm Zipper