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The original Tiremagic is the world's number 1 Real Raised Letter Permanent Tyre Lettering.

1.0"" Lettering for 35 - 45 Profile Tyres.

Stickers Size 1.25"" (3.10cm)

Lasts the life of the tires.

Kit includes Glue & Instructions

We highly recommend measuring your tires, measuring between the two manufacturing lines on the tire


Application Steps:


Wipe the tire sidewalls clean with acetone and a clean rag. Dampen the rag with acetone by tipping the mouth of the container directly onto the rag for a few seconds. Scrub all the surfaces of the sidewalls clean until the rag stops getting more discolored and dirty, applying more acetone and using clean parts of the rag as needed.[1]

Use brake cleaner as an alternative to acetone.

This gets rid of dirt and oil, so the temporary tire stickers adhere properly to the sidewalls.

Wear latex gloves if you don t want to get your hands dirty.



Peel the paper backing away from the adhesive side of the sticker. Flip the decal over, so you re looking at the backside of the lettering. Carefully pull the kraft paper backing off and discard it.[2]

Temporary tire stickers are also known as peel-and-stick tire stickers, which is really all there is to install them.


Press the sticker into place on the tire sidewall. Line up the sticker on your tire s sidewall, sticky-side-down. When you re happy with the placement, press it firmly onto the rubber.[3]

Use the tire reference lines to make sure the decal is straight before you press it into place.


Peel the transfer film off the front side of the sticker. Carefully and slowly peel up the semi-transparent transfer film. Press back down on the decal if any of the letterings starts to peel up while you pull the film off the front.[4]

The lettering left behind is also known as ink.



Apply light pressure to the sticker with your fingers. Press down on the ink of each letter to ensure everything is securely stuck to the tire. Do this twice to be sure.[5]

When you want to remove the sticker, peel up an edge with your fingers and roll the sticker off the rubber.

What's in the box
8 x Tire Magic Lettering Stickers