Solar Yard Gard Ultrasonic Solar Powered Motion Activated Animal Repeller

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Do stray animals set off your alarm beams. Constant false alarms?

This is your solution

Keep your home and garden an animal-free zone with this state of the art animal repellent which features an upgraded design, being highly practical and effective! Based on a chemical-free ultrasonic technology, with a modern motion detection sensor and strong flash lights, plus a sturdy waterproof construction, this device is animal-friendly and 100% safe for your kids, keeping at bay rodents, squirrels, cats, dogs and other uninvited guests

Material: heavy duty ABS
IP44 waterproof protection
No chemicals or harsh substances
Recharging options: solar panel
110? sensing angle
Easy DIY installation
Can be mounted on wall, fence, in the ground
Ideal choice for garden, farm, back yard, lawn
Make sure your home and family stay safe with this ultrasonic pest repeller

Upgraded Design - This ultrasonic mouse repellent features state of the art ultrasonic technology which creates a powerful ultrasonic wave, accompanied at the same time by an alarm sound.
The built-in motion detection sensor is highly sensitive and will trigger at an angle of 110 degrees and 15m- 20m distance range, for maximum performance
Perfect Choice - Tired of constantly dealing with animal intruders ruining your gorgeous lawn or veggie garden?
Would you like to keep at bay stray animals and keep your family and pets safe?
The animal repellent is the perfect choice

Eco-Friendly Charging - The outdoor features a dual option for recharging, being equipped with a top solar panel that effectively captures the sun’s energy, The high-grade ABS plastic construction is waterproof and suitable for harsh weather conditions
Human Design - Solar Animal Repeller is only to drive the animal without any chemicals. it is only issued 13.5kHz-45.5kHz ultrasound to drive them away.
Will not have any harm to the human body. And will not hurt your own cats, dogs or other pets

What's in the box
1 X Pet Repeller
1 X Support Stand