Sleep Patch

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Product description:
- jujube kernel, angelica, lavender

- 2 patches / bag x 7 bags / box.

Suitable population: It is suitable for sub-health people who have difficulty falling asleep, can't sleep well, irritable, anxious and so on

Storage: Place in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Valid period: 3 years

Scope of application
It is difficult to fall asleep; Wake up early; Many dreams are easy to wake up; It is difficult to fall asleep after waking up;Insomnia caused by environmental changes; Insomnia caused by travel time difference; Insomnia caused by irregular life .
Unsuitable population
Allergic constitution, pregnant women, lactating women and children.

Usage method
30 minutes before going to bed, take the patch out of the sealed packaging bag, remove the anti sticking protective film, with the adhesive surface facing the skin, stick it on the mastoid or (Temple) behind the ear, and gently press it with your hand. After awakening, take off the patch and discard it. One patch on the left and one on the right patch each time, continuous use of a week, stop for three days. If insomnia reappears, continue to use .

Matters needing attention
1. This product is a patch for external use, do not take it orally.
2. Keep the product out of reach of children.
3. It is forbidden for allergic person and skin ulceration.
4. Very few people should stop using it immediately when they encounter discomfort, skin rash, etc .

What's in the box
1x Box of Sleep Patch

DISCLAIMER: This product may be a complementary medicine and/or not have been evaluated and verified by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority for its quality, safety or intended use. Use of this product is therefore not intended to compensate for diagnosis, treatment, cure, or mitigation of medical conditions and must not substitute the obtaining of medical advice from a registered health professional for any health or health-related conditions.