Secret Stash Remote Perfect stash Hiding Container

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Ultra realistic key , the design of the secret stash key is so convincing it will fool almost everyone, it looks exactly like a real Remote, the stash keys are small and portable and most importantly common to carry, ask yourself, who doesn't carry remote around with them?

Extremely durable, the production methods of this secret stash key are of the highest quality and the keys are very strong and durable.

Secret stash compartment, the secret stash compartment of the stash Remote measures at roughly 50 x 20 x 8mm it is large enough for pills/medication/Cannabis or small objects such as rings or earrings , very handy if your going out and about and want to keep your items safe in plain sight.

Hiding your stash, has never been easier

Perfect container to hide your Cannabis or other medication

What's in the box
1 x Secret Stash Remote