Engine Oil Funnel - Flexible and attaches to nozzle

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Convenient Buckle Funnel Free Gasoline Engine Oil Thickened Square Mouth Refueling Funnel Self-driving Emergency Tool
Reshaped and reused thousands of times. Shape, form, create the perfect custom funnel. Reuse thousands of times. The rim can be molded around the filter or to create a leak-proof seal that prevents oil from entering the engine, frame and surrounding components without messy fluid changes.
Easily drains hard-to-reach oil without mess. A but useful tool for transferring liquid/dry ingredients from container to bottle while keeping the counter spill-free.
Wide range of applications. In addition to draining and filling liquids, it can be used for a variety of applications including diverting water dripping from , filling bird feeders, and filling fertilizer containers. The potential uses are endless

Material: Plastic
Products include:
1PC Hopper

What's in the box
1 x Funnel