Electrical Appliance- Cord Organizers - Black

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-High-Quality Material:

Each cord keeper is made of high-quality rubber, durable and not easily deformed.

The glue on the bottom is a high-quality glue.

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy : The messy appliance cords make the kitchen cluttered and prone to safety hazards, the tidy wrap cord organizer keeps you away from this trouble, easily organize cords and keep your kitchen tidy.

Thicker Material & Stronger Adhesive

Wider Organizer & Widely Compatibility: This appliance cord holder is 2.7cm wide(Others is 1.7cm wide), which can easily wrap thicker and more cords. The cord organizer can be used for kinds of appliances such as blenders, coffee makes, air fryers and rice cookers, it fits more than 70% of small home appliances.
Using Instruction: In order to fix more firmly, please clean the surface of the appliance before fixing the cord organizer. After fixing the cord organizer, wait 12 hours before using it, which can make it firmer and last longer.