Battery Isolator Switch

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6V-24V 125 Amp Battery Quick Disconnect Kill Switch

Car Motorcycle Boat Cut Off Switch Quick Battery Disconnect Isolator

- Quick Battery Disconnector (Cut off Switch).
- Ideal for maintaining the battery charge over time.
- Connects direct to the battery terminal and is cut off by loosening the wheel.

High Standard - Brass battery switch made of heavy duty Brass alloy,Durable zinc alloy terminal.
Heavy Duty,Suitable for most batteries, under the condition of 12V voltage, continuous current 125A, instantaneous current 500A,Designed for high-current applications.

Well Protection - Battery kill switch are 100% brand new.Cut-off switch and starter immobilizer for cars and trucks with Top Post batteries.

The top nut can be screwed down to prevent theft,

If equipped with a 15 amp bypass fuse, it can pack the car computer system, alarm, car lock and other components when the car switch is disconnected.

Wide Application -Battery disconnect switch enables you to quickly and easily disconnect your automobile battery for safety, servicing, or storage.Applicable to Camping, Caravan, Motor Home , Auto, Boat, Truck etc.,

Mainly used to solve the problem of leakage and loss of electricity caused by batteries that are not used frequently in battery Car, Motorcycles and Auto. Rated current 100A, withstand current 400A, Connected to the Battery Negative Column 15-17mm.

Easy Installation and Use - loose is power off, tightening can be conductive.

Battery operated switch to engage power just hand tighten the green knob, Slightly loosen the knob to disconnect all power(power off only need to turn the switch loose 2-3 laps on the whole vehicle power off, power on the switch properly tightened, you can start the vehicle)

Helpful Choice - The product is made from Zinc Alloy Copper Plating, Longer product life than ordinary copper, It features superior performance, Copper has the best electrical conductivity to reduce voltage distortion. This battery cut off switch rust and corrosion resistant. Extends the life of your battery.