Battery Disconnect Switch with PVC Insulation Cover CAB

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This battery quick disconnect switch is suitable for 15-17mm diameter size top post. Simply rotate the handle to control the power on / off. Please measure your car battery terminal size first before you buy (Negative)

Comes with a PVC cover, PVC is one kind of plastic which features heatproof, non-flammability, protection against electric shock, waterproof and excellent stability

The master battery kill switch can easily and effectively solve the leakage problem when the battery is not in use. It is commonly used in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, etc. Simplest way to resolve the vehicle battery drain problem

The material of the battery shut off switch is zinc alloy and brass plated, longer life than ordinary copper, better conductivity. Also there is an insulating layer on the battery disconnect switch. It can cut off the electricity by turning the knob switch.

What's in the box
1 x Battery Isolator
1 x PVC insolating cover